VMware vCenter Custom Email Alert

VMware is best virtualization technology till now, I tried Oracle VM as well, it is nice but not that fancy, VMware is bit costly on Enterprise level but it is feature rich, it makes live easier at configuration and you don’t need to worry a lot for operation.

A problem I faced, I needed to send customized Email alert sent by vCenter but without trying VMware-PowerCLI.

Here is the easy way:

– I have Windows based vCenter, open the file under below path: \VMware\Infrastructure\VirtualCenter Server\locale\en\stask.vmsg

Be aware if you have any localization so the directory might be “fr,de, … ext” under locale, in my case it was English version of vCenter so it was en directory under locale

I modified below lines:


Email.statefulAlarm.subject = “[vAlarm] {alarmName} changed from {oldStatus} to {newStatus}”

Email.statefulAlarm.body = “Target: {targetName}\nPrevious Status: {oldStatus}\nNew Status: {newStatus}\n\nAlarm Definition:\n{declaringSummary}\n\n{alarmValue}:\n {triggeringSummary}\n\nDescription:\n{eventDescription}”


Email.statefulEventAlarm.subject = “[vAlarm] {alarmName} {eventDescription}”

Email.statefulEventAlarm.body = “Target: {targetName}\nPrevious Status: {oldStatus}\nNew Status: {newStatus}\n\nAlarm Definition:\n{declaringSummary}\n\n{alarmValue}:\n {eventDescription}”


Email.statelessEventAlarm.subject = “[vAlarm] {alarmName} {eventDescription}”

Email.statelessEventAlarm.body = “Target: {targetName}\nStateless event alarm\n\nAlarm Definition:\n{declaringSummary}\n\n{alarmValue}:\n{eventDescription}”


So you can Edit what’s inside email body and subject.

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